Boarding & Doggie Day Care


Chrissy's Castle of Critters provides a unique form of boarding where dogs get plenty of exercise and interaction with other dogs and humans rather than being confined to cages all day. It is a clean, fun, happy, and safe environment for all of our guests and we also offer animal care in your own home as well.

Features include:
Lots of Love and Human Contact
Human Supervision 24/7/365
Comfortable Indoor Temperatures Year-Round (Heat & Air Conditioning)
Large Indoor and Outdoor Play Areas (in grassy yards)
Interaction with other dogs / playing with toys
Rare Cage Confinement (usually just at feeding times or overnight for safety reasons)

Boarding Requirements:

Rabies Vaccination
DHPP Vaccination (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo, Parainfluenza)
Bordetella vaccination
Written proof of a current clean stool sample
Must be on some form of flea/tick preventative

WE DO NOT TAKE AGGRESSIVE DOGS and require all dogs to visit us at our facility prior to their stay so we can evaluate temperament and determine whether or not the dog will be a good candidate for our programs. Dogs should look to be in good general health upon presentation and be people/dog friendly as well as relatively free of food, toy, or space aggressions. Dogs over 7 months of age must be housebroken.

All proof of vaccinations for all animals must be from a licensed veterinarian and be in WRITTEN FORM so we can keep a copy in our files. If you present a Certificate of Health from your vet, it must give a detailed listing of each vaccination your animal received. WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY BRAND NEW DOGS DURING OUR VERY BUSY TIMES SUCH AS PRESIDENT'S WEEK, SPRING BREAK, THE MONTHS OF JULY AND AUGUST, OR CHRISTMAS WEEK.

Rabies Vaccination
Panleukopenia Vaccination
Written proof of a current clean stool sample
Must be on some form of flea/tick preventative

BOARDING PRICES (see our complete price list for detailed listing / explanations of all services we provide)
Dogs - $35 per day
Two Dogs - $65 per day
Three Dogs - $95 per day
Puppies (up to 9 mos.) - $40 per day
Cats - $15 per day (2 cats $25 per day)
Cage/Tank Animals - $15 per day
Doggie Day Care: $5/hour (over 6 hours = flat rate of $30.00)

OFF OUR PREMISES (Animal Care at YOUR Home)
Up to Two Pets - $25 per visit (depending on distance)
Each Additional Pet - $5 per visit (depending on distance)
(other items such as watering plants, taking in mail, etc. are quoted per job)
**Prices for pets not listed (i.e. horses and other livestock) are quoted per job**

Add $10 per pet for all Holidays (New Year's Day, Martin Luther King's Birthday, President's Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day).